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A Wordsworthian Walk

 Today my heart has been lifted, and it cost me nothing. All I did was to go out into the autumn. Outside it was windy and sunny. It even got hot for a while. Days like this make all the … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

I have just been knocked sideways, by the news of the death of a friend. She was my Greek teacher and a remarkable person, with a ready laugh and one of those mischievous twinkles you can hear in some voices. … Continue reading

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 It was called fireweed by us kids, as we played on and in the bomb sites of my childhood city. It grew high up, on impossible ledges of shattered brick and mortar, and it choked the damp basements and outside … Continue reading

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Breaking News!!

Wow! It just suddenly happened!   I had just got back home this morning after walking with Ruby. I am now taking her to the nature reserve every day with my magic scooter. It was the most beautiful morning and … Continue reading

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The Two Have a Sudden Adventure

The day was crisp, like an apple. It was one of those October days that starts in a chilly grey, flat light, but then breaks up into a changing world of broken cloud and bits of blue sky. Not just … Continue reading

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Things Are Looking Up . . . Perhaps

I am sitting at the keyboard, trying to listen in to my body, to see and fully experience what it is feeling. Good things are happening, and they need recording just as much as the back-ache, the sciatica and all … Continue reading

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The Old and the New

Autumn seems to hang on through October, but one day everything will go and the winter will begin, with its bare trees, its wind and rain, and its grey skies. So it is really important to get out there while … Continue reading

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