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I Haven’t Died

I am aware that I’ve not posted on this blog for months, and think that maybe I need to offer an explanation. It is always more difficult to motivate myself in the dark days of winter, but what motivation I … Continue reading

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The First Lesson

I was one of those so-called fortunate few working class kids who passed the 11 plus exam at Junior School and thereby was sent to a grammar school for my teenage years. This began my drift into university and the … Continue reading

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 It was called fireweed by us kids, as we played on and in the bomb sites of my childhood city. It grew high up, on impossible ledges of shattered brick and mortar, and it choked the damp basements and outside … Continue reading

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The Battle Rages, and I Run Away!

After this week’s national shame of being knocked out of the rugby world cup by the old enemy, Wales, I thought a few rambling thoughts and reminiscences about the sport of rugby might be in order . . . to … Continue reading

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Pride in Engineering; and Engineering Pride

Photographs taken at the National Railway Museum in York. Here are artefacts from the world of railways in Britain. Here are railway engines that bear famous names: Stephenson’s Rocket, The Flying Scotsman, Mallard, King George v, Evening Star. The first, … Continue reading

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A Job Well Done

If I were a grandfather I would like to be a proper, old-fashioned grandfather, but without the arthritis or dental decay. Or the whisky addiction. I should like to smoke a pipe, very slowly and thoughtfully, so that when my … Continue reading

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The Past is Another Country

Nostalgia is a strange thing. For those who are indulging in it, it is generally seen as a pleasant activity, a good thing; for those who are witnessing it in others, it is seen as thoroughly unpleasant, exclusive and indulgent. … Continue reading

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