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To Build a Fire

What Is it with a fire? Even more, what is it with an open fire outdoors? And why are we men drawn to it like moths to the flame? The male of the species can always be identified by his … Continue reading

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A Job Well Done

If I were a grandfather I would like to be a proper, old-fashioned grandfather, but without the arthritis or dental decay. Or the whisky addiction. I should like to smoke a pipe, very slowly and thoughtfully, so that when my … Continue reading

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Beware of Exercise

I was fit in my thirties, fitter than I had ever been, and certainly fitter than I am now. Physically, I was at my peak. A strange thing happened when I was about thirty. I became interested in running. Not … Continue reading

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What Pisses Me Off About My Blindness

Where do I start with this? One place to begin is to say how I understand why blind people mix with blind people. This is not the fault of the sighted, but neither is it the fault of the blind. … Continue reading

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Erratum to the Erratum

My eife (sic) informs me that I typed ‘didter’ rather than ‘sister’, which is, of course what I typed in my head. D is next to S on the keyboard, as E is next to W. Sorry. Blindness strikes again! … Continue reading

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I am here posting an apology for a mistitled photo, drawn to my attention by my didter. In my post, “Back to the Woods”, my photograph of May blossom is no such thing. I have made checks through a sighted … Continue reading

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The Birthday Card

Tomorrow is the birthday of my wife, Elisabeth. She is spelt with an S, not a Z, as I was forcefully told when we met. She was to be called Elisabeth, not Liz. It was one of those relationship ground … Continue reading

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Why Do They Want to Humiliate Greece?

I’ve just got back from Greece, and I feel bewildered and sad. Most people I talk to in Greece have the look of someone who has been at the Front for five years, and the answer to every question seems … Continue reading

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Back to the Woods

We have got back from our annual jaunt to Greece and I find an abundance of things I feel I need to write about. Where shall I start? I feel I need to ponder the unhappiness of a Greece that … Continue reading

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