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The Woods in March

Last night savage gales tore down the valley, throwing black rain against the windows. Up here, in the Yorkshire Pennines, the spring comes late and tentatively. It is no surprise, this coyness. It happens every year. I have written before, … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds

Here is a piece of pseudo-cosmology that I have held to be true for some time. Well . . . possibly true. I have absolutely no qualifications for this. It just pleases me.   It feels to have a certain … Continue reading

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The Past is Another Country

Nostalgia is a strange thing. For those who are indulging in it, it is generally seen as a pleasant activity, a good thing; for those who are witnessing it in others, it is seen as thoroughly unpleasant, exclusive and indulgent. … Continue reading

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March is a strange month up here in the Pennines. It’s officially Spring, but it doesn’t feel like it, except on a few glorious days of crystal-clear sunshine. We are at least a month behind the favoured south, where already … Continue reading

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Darkness Visible

No doubt in common with the rest of the blogging community in this country, I feel moved to write of this morning’s solar eclipse. Eclipses are weird things for a blind person, as you can imagine. I know what is … Continue reading

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The Terrible Two go on an Adventure

When Blind Steve woke this morning (if anyone is reading this blog for the first time, I am allowed to call myself Blind Steve, because I’m not ashamed or proud, to be blind)) he threw back the curtains (as if … Continue reading

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Why Do I Do This?

The more I write this blog the more insistent becomes the question, “Why am I writing this?” It’s too facile to say it’s because I like the process of writing. I could write a private journal, like a Victorian gentleman, … Continue reading

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