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New photos

Photos taken on my walk with my dog, Ruby, this morning, before the rain cme. The fence post is moss-covered concrete. The railway bridge crosses the canal here. I love exuberant splashes of red. Dying plant life, dark with wetness. … Continue reading

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Sometimes, it’s just too much

 I don’t know about you, but sometimes, especially in the morning, it all just feels too much. Do you know what I mean?  It feels like a lot of effort to get up and make that cup of tea on … Continue reading

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The Great British Bake-off Controversy

What’s this Great British bake-off all about, then? Why on earth is it appearing on the radio news? Pardon me for being oh so cynical, but is the programme made by the BBC, by any chance? And was the news … Continue reading

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Dawkins and Downs

One of the blogs I follow, “The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy”,is very much concerned with the day-to-day life, problems and beauties of bringing up a boy with Downs Syndrome. One of the issues at the moment is … Continue reading

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Richard Attenborough

Thank you, Dickie, for all the pleasure you’ve given. You picked the wrong football club, but, apart from that, it was a life well lived Cheers, mate.

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M S Advice #4

 Keep Thinking. Because you have a lot of myelin in your brain, it is often the organ to be most affected by the M S. Fortunately, because there are so many neural connections, and because the brain is amazingly plastic … Continue reading

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M S Advice #3

Keep moving. This means you, not just somebody, you, M S or not. Even if you don’t give a flying crap about M S, keep moving. Don’t wait for the wheelchair, or, if you’re in a wheelchair, don’t wait for … Continue reading

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