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Take Care When Crossing the Road

The debate about climate change whimpers on, and still many refuse to accept the roe of human beings in the climatic confusion that seems to be enveloping the planet. How to sort fact from spin? How to know what to … Continue reading

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The Terrible Two Go For a Space Walk

The existence of outer space presumes the existence of inner space, which is infinitely more complex. Outer space is that part of the universe we can foul up with rockets, satellites, and dropped spanners. It is our celestial scrapyard, and … Continue reading

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The Grain of a New Year

Ice, when it comes, comes hard out of the blackness, and leaves snow on the top of Deer Hill. Now, with a clear, eggshell sky, we walk the way we always walk, but not with the same awareness. The sun … Continue reading

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Fresh Bread and Coffee

During my walk with Ruby this morning, I was turning over thoughts for my next post on Life on the Edge of a Soup Plate. This is fairly standard procedure, and possibly explains why so much of this blog is … Continue reading

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New Year Wisdom #1

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.   Don’t know who said this. Could be A W Wainwright!  

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Stanislavsky in the Kitchen #2

Now I come to how I use the ideas of Stanislavsky as a disabled person/person who is ability challenged/person of lesser ability (sic!). Although his (primarily) American students have stressed the notion of emotional memory, Stanislavsky himself preferred to talk … Continue reading

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Stanislavsky in the Kitchen #1

In my previous existence, as a teacher of Acting Techniques and Directing in a College of Further Education, before illness finally sent the Jenga tower of my identity crashing to the floor, I passed on some techniques to student actors … Continue reading

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