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Carving Valleys

This morning, when I took Ruby for our walk along the river to Hey Green, the world had turned all watery. It was a bit of a shock for both of us, as we have had such a dry autumn. … Continue reading

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Hay Fever

This summer, for the first time in my life, I have had hay fever. Suffered from it, indeed. In true man fashion, I have soldiered on, feebly brushing away the antihistamines, before falling back into the cushions and covering my … Continue reading

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Marsden Moor

I love the moors above the village. I just can’t get to them often. Marsden Moor is like the sea. It is open and free, changes colour with the light and the season. It is somehow alien, dangerous, a reminder … Continue reading

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The Contented Cow

The strange, and possibly interesting, thing about the glorious late spring weather we are having of late is that I seem to stop writing. My days are so taken up by being gaspingly happy that I just don’t have the … Continue reading

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Lower Green Owlers

Today, the fourth sunny day in a row (something of a record, I think!), Ruby and I set off on a real adventure . . . an expedition to Lower Green Owlers, a remote farm on the moors, about a … Continue reading

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The Moods of the River

The river is a constant presence, curling beside me . . . on my left on the way out, and on my right on my way home. It is born high up in the black peat bogs of the moor, … Continue reading

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Yet Another Gem from the Barber’s

Overheard in the barber’s shop: A conversation about the weather, and an example of the English obsession about wind and rain and an example of Yorkshire dourness.   Man 1 “They’ve ‘ad it bad down South . . . ” … Continue reading

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