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I Know What My Nose Knows

The woods are now full of smells. I felt a bit like a dog this morning in the dampness of the leaf litter. It is the smell of autumn, and sparks old memories of apple picking in Worcestershire when I … Continue reading

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The Dark Net

There is a bench, in a wood. Three people sit on it, one lady and two men. They are not young, and have reached the time when going out for the day means a little light pruning in the garden. … Continue reading

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M S Advice #8

Get connected. This one is fairly straightforward. If you are reading this, you probably have access to a computer of some kind, but, if you haven’t, get one. I’m no computer geek, so there’s no point in me giving you … Continue reading

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MS Advice #7

Keep growing. By this, I mean, pay attention to that part of you that people call “spiritual”. In many ways, you are peculiarly suited to do this, because your M S has probably reminded you of your mortality, and has … Continue reading

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Still Mist

September has changed again. Together with April, it’s the month of change from one season to the next. The problem is knowing what to wear when I take Ruby to the woods. Yesterday, for example, I was in a t-shirt, … Continue reading

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The Heavy Woollen millionaire

Story adapted loosely from a Persian folk tale: The story concerns the Victorian, Yorkshire mill owner, Joshua Oldroyd, and his son, James. Joshua owned a large woollen mill near Leeds. He wasn’t obscenely rich, but he would have agreed that … Continue reading

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Black Poplar

In the woods near my house, I have been able to identify four black poplar trees. They’re not genuinely wild trees, for they seem to be growing evenly spaced in a straight line along the side of the path. Actually, … Continue reading

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