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Portraits and Selfies

Under my bed there is a box. It is full of black and white and sepia photographs. It is my family pictorial archive. I don’t look in it often, but, when I do, I turn them over in my hands … Continue reading

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Now is the winter of our discontent

Today, the 22nd August, is the anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth, which took place near Leicester in 1485. This battle was effectively the end of the War of the Roses, between the white rose of York and the red … Continue reading

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Pride in Engineering; and Engineering Pride

Photographs taken at the National Railway Museum in York. Here are artefacts from the world of railways in Britain. Here are railway engines that bear famous names: Stephenson’s Rocket, The Flying Scotsman, Mallard, King George v, Evening Star. The first, … Continue reading

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Is This a State of Bliss? I doubt it!

This is ridiculous. I’ve written several posts today, but have abandoned all of them, and they lie incomplete in my documents folder. I got bored with the insightful article on Victorian photographic portraiture . . . though I reserve the … Continue reading

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The Woods in August

Spring is young and does, indeed, have a spring in its step. All eyes are on the future, even though we know, really, that future will come too soon. June and July are the excited muscularity of the young adult, … Continue reading

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Scattered Showers

We are encouraged to shower. Lots of times. As a rule, Americans shower more often than Europeans, women shower more often than men, women prefer baths to showers, men the other way round. It is not an important observation, but … Continue reading

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A Weighty Matter

Today I am fasting. I’m attempting the 5-2 diet, which involves fasting for two days a week and eating whatever I like for the rest of the week. Those of you who know me in the flesh, as it were, … Continue reading

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