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The Awfulness at Tunnel End

Electricity is a wondrous thing. Every night I connect the battery of my scooter to the holes in the wall, and, hey presto, the next day it moves silently ahead . . . or, indeed, backwards, if I want . … Continue reading

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The Two Have a Sudden Adventure

The day was crisp, like an apple. It was one of those October days that starts in a chilly grey, flat light, but then breaks up into a changing world of broken cloud and bits of blue sky. Not just … Continue reading

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Pride in Engineering; and Engineering Pride

Photographs taken at the National Railway Museum in York. Here are artefacts from the world of railways in Britain. Here are railway engines that bear famous names: Stephenson’s Rocket, The Flying Scotsman, Mallard, King George v, Evening Star. The first, … Continue reading

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The Past is Another Country

Nostalgia is a strange thing. For those who are indulging in it, it is generally seen as a pleasant activity, a good thing; for those who are witnessing it in others, it is seen as thoroughly unpleasant, exclusive and indulgent. … Continue reading

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