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The Universe Has The Last Laugh (Again)

I was walking in the woods today, wondering what I would write about in my next post on the blog, when the universe suddenly gave me an answer. It had been raining heavily all night, and the path was flooded … Continue reading

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The Giant Hogweed Puzzle – or, an apology to Sonja

A regular reader of this blog has reprimanded me for my cavalier treatment of the Hogweed Controversy. I had said, with a little bit of my tongue in my cheek, that Giant Hogweed had got itself an unfair reputation as … Continue reading

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The Sweetness of High Summer

I have written earlier, that this time of year is a time of stillness, a time of waiting for the great turning of the year. Few birds sing; little changes very much. Even if I didn’t have painful sciatica, this … Continue reading

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When Pain Becomes Foreground

There is a point at which pain ceases to be a source of spiritual wisdom and perspective and starts to just become a pain. I am close to that tipping point at the moment. It’s easy to work out when … Continue reading

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Eat Your Heart Out, David Bailey

“Don’t be silly. Blind people can’t take photographs.” This is the voice of the Evil One, who sits on my shoulder all the time. The left one, to be precise. Even if you’re in complete darkness, you can point a … Continue reading

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If I Was a Top-Notch Man

(With apologies to Linton Kwesi Johnson) If I were a top-notch man, I would smash winners like Andy Murray, with a snarl and a clenched left fist and a thrust of the head. If I were a top-notch man, I … Continue reading

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Redemption and Forgiveness in the European Union

As you may have guessed, I am not, in the conventional sense, a religious man. My God, if He or She or It exists, may have been what was before the Big Bang, may have actually made the Big Bang, … Continue reading

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