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The New Toy

  Yesterday, I bought a disability scooter. I’m not going to reveal its name, because it won’t be delivered till tomorrow, and I won’t endorse anything I haven’t lived with for a while. Suffice it to say it was expensive, … Continue reading

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The Post That Never Was, or Male Shame

I had decided, this morning, that I would stop writing about my illness. I was getting bored with it, and it must have been awful for you. !I am still stuck in the house and all that stuff, so I … Continue reading

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A Pinprick of Light

  It is dark here, as it is in all tunnels. The walls and roof are chiselled rock, cold and wet to the touch. Sometimes, I have to crawl . . . the roof is that low. Sometimes. The floor … Continue reading

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The War Drags On

Today I got out of my wheelchair and walked a bit along the road outside the house, sat down, and then walked back. I couldn’t have done it on my own, and I needed my walker to support me. My … Continue reading

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My Wheelchair – A Complicated Relationship

Life has become very complicated, and not a little frustrating. I am now officially “a wheelchair user” and, it would appear, I am not as happy about it as I should be. I don’t feel empowered or liberated, and I … Continue reading

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You Can’t Keep a Good List Down

Put a man in a wheelchair and you will get lists, as sure as eggs is eggs. Men produce lists as a default thought pattern. If you want to talk to men, you must learn to talk lists. A list … Continue reading

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Stop Whinging, Steve

Today, I feel ashamed. As you know, I have a few problems with my body, mostly caused by the fact that it was created too long ago and has long since passed its Best Before date. But today I feel … Continue reading

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