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The Casual Comedy

The end of December, and I can report on the progress I have made, or not made, with my projects for 2014. The one I wrote about here, back in the summer, which was the re-writing of Joining the Dots, … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

Well, here it is, at last – the first snow of the year. We woke to a new world, changed utterly. Suddenly, the dark morning was made light and eerie. Ruby, the dog, scampered out into the garden and barked … Continue reading

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A 1959 Christmas

A Christmas in 1959   Christmas presents were always left in the kitchen by Father Christmas (never called Santa Claus in England in those days). He delivered all the presents to all the children who’d been good in all the … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas to All

Just occasionally, I feel the need to cast off my snake-skin of cynicism and enter the world of a childhood that possibly never existed, and certainly doesn’t seem to now. It is a deep, deep need to revisit the worlds … Continue reading

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Eddie and Jasmina – Red Pandas in Gender Mix-up

These are Eddie and Jasmina, two red pandas who live at Bristol Zoo, and who we went to see this weekend. My wife has always loved animals of all descriptions, and occasionally we go to places where she can spend … Continue reading

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Is This Train Bound for Glory?

We are now approaching the dying twitches of the year. Towards the end of December, the tenth and last month of the old Julian calendar, Western cultures indulge in a savagely sensual festival of light and extravagance. Pagan Gods re-emerge … Continue reading

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Frost Patterns on Glass

These are all photos taken this morning of frost patterns on glass.   It’s always a good sign of winter when you start taking photos of frost, ice and snow!

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