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A New List

Being a man, I am an inveterate producer of lists. Here is what I constructed on my walk this morning in drizzly rain.   Things I am interested in: This list seems to get shorter as the years pass. Things … Continue reading

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The Ancient Greeks apparently had no word for blue. Homer didn’t use it, nor the great dramatists of Classical Athens. This is really strange, when you think about it. In Greece, today as then, the dominant colour is blue. First, … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

I have just been knocked sideways, by the news of the death of a friend. She was my Greek teacher and a remarkable person, with a ready laugh and one of those mischievous twinkles you can hear in some voices. … Continue reading

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Redemption and Forgiveness in the European Union

As you may have guessed, I am not, in the conventional sense, a religious man. My God, if He or She or It exists, may have been what was before the Big Bang, may have actually made the Big Bang, … Continue reading

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Why Do They Want to Humiliate Greece?

I’ve just got back from Greece, and I feel bewildered and sad. Most people I talk to in Greece have the look of someone who has been at the Front for five years, and the answer to every question seems … Continue reading

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Dogs and Gods

 I had a whimsical thought this morning, which is pretty amazing for a man lying on floorboards with back pain. It wasn’t the thought that was amazing; it was the fact that my brain could find enough space to process … Continue reading

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It’s the People, Stupid

Greece and Europe  I want to write about Greece today, because it is so much in the news after the recent election that voted for a whole new approach to the prevailing orthodoxy of austerity. I have good and precious … Continue reading

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