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Yet Another Gem from the Barber’s

Overheard in the barber’s shop: A conversation about the weather, and an example of the English obsession about wind and rain and an example of Yorkshire dourness.   Man 1 “They’ve ‘ad it bad down South . . . ” … Continue reading

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William Byrd

It is amazing that, after two years writing this blog, I have not touched on the thing that gives me the greatest pleasure and takes up a lot of my time . . . music. But I am going to … Continue reading

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The First Lesson

I was one of those so-called fortunate few working class kids who passed the 11 plus exam at Junior School and thereby was sent to a grammar school for my teenage years. This began my drift into university and the … Continue reading

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Birds of Time and Place

Some bird songs and calls are so evocative of particular seasons and places for me. This has been my route into learning to recognize their songs. My inner city childhood was played out with a soundtrack of chirruping sparrows, and, … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Matter

This morning, everywhere is full of rain again. Unsurprisingly, I am procrastinating about taking Ruby for a walk. It’s that kind of rain. Guilt-rain. We have had some lovely days, as well, when I would get back from my walk … Continue reading

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Snow and Silence

I woke this morning to a blanket of soft snow. As ever, the magical transformation of the landscape is total and surprising. It has snowed most winters I have been on this planet. You would think I’d be used to … Continue reading

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