Joining the Dots

Joining the Dots

A beginner’s guide tolistening to classical music



If you have ever said “I don’t understand classical music”, or “Classical music is boring”, or even “Where on earth do I start?” this is the book for you. You possibly feel unwelcome in this world of concert audiences and key signatures, and you don’t want to join a club of snobby intellectuals.

Instead, Joining the Dots will give you ways into this rich and wonderful music. It will even help you to understand and appreciate modern music that is often dismissed as “noise”, even by people who say they like classical music. It will not give you, however, an in-depth account of the lives of the great composers, and it will not tell you what to think – it will just give you the tools to help you make up your own mind, and provide you with a map to guide you on your musical journey.


Published by Matador 2009, price £9.99

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