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The Winter Rolls In

This must be what they call a cold front. I set off this morning in sunshine, under a cloudless blue sky. That blue sky’s goodbye gesture is that bit of blue in the photo, top right. As was said in … Continue reading

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A Wordsworthian Walk

 Today my heart has been lifted, and it cost me nothing. All I did was to go out into the autumn. Outside it was windy and sunny. It even got hot for a while. Days like this make all the … Continue reading

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 It was called fireweed by us kids, as we played on and in the bomb sites of my childhood city. It grew high up, on impossible ledges of shattered brick and mortar, and it choked the damp basements and outside … Continue reading

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The Old and the New

Autumn seems to hang on through October, but one day everything will go and the winter will begin, with its bare trees, its wind and rain, and its grey skies. So it is really important to get out there while … Continue reading

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Wilfull is Good

 This is how it was this morning. The hills around us were covered in mist . . . Pule Hill, Deer Hill, Huck Hill. The mist is drawing a horizontal line across them at 1500 feet. Directly above me there … Continue reading

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Choice and Freedom

  What do I write about now? My world seems to have become very small. There is the bedroom with its bed, in which I wake each morning, with a hope that, somehow, my back will have decided overnight to … Continue reading

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Hail to Thee!

There is a light frost in the bedraggled grass and scrappy brambles. For the first time, it feels like winter has arrived, very gently, and is drifting in wisps of mist above the brown stillness of the canal. As I … Continue reading

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