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Following a conversation with a friend, I thought I would set down some thoughts about softness. These thoughts will no doubt be influenced by the thinking I have done while on my spring retreat, from which I’ve just returned. Hard … Continue reading

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It Was Ever Thus

Following the surprising and welcome news from that renowned climatologist, Donald Trump, that climate change is a hoax . . . news which is particularly welcome for those who live in the low-lying areas of Bangladesh . . . I … Continue reading

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Hay Fever

This summer, for the first time in my life, I have had hay fever. Suffered from it, indeed. In true man fashion, I have soldiered on, feebly brushing away the antihistamines, before falling back into the cushions and covering my … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be?

Everybody will die. Sorry. Even I will die, which makes me even sorrier. We all lose the fight in the end, but some people are beaten by Life, and others are beaten by Death. And it seems you can’t choose … Continue reading

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Chewing on the Cud of Time

We are now approaching the dying twitches of the year. Towards the end of December, the tenth and last month of the old Julian calendar, Western cultures indulge in a savagely sensual festival of light and extravagance. Pagan Gods re-emerge … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

I have just been knocked sideways, by the news of the death of a friend. She was my Greek teacher and a remarkable person, with a ready laugh and one of those mischievous twinkles you can hear in some voices. … Continue reading

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Choice and Freedom

  What do I write about now? My world seems to have become very small. There is the bedroom with its bed, in which I wake each morning, with a hope that, somehow, my back will have decided overnight to … Continue reading

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