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A Whole New Ball Game

I am sitting on a chrome bar stool in the kitchen. I am sitting near the breakfast bar, not at it, and I am not eating. I could just be looking, thoughtlessly, out of the window, where the sun is … Continue reading

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Like a Black Crow Flying

The Wild Heart #2 The Corvids   Corvid is the ornithological name for Crow. The family consists of, in descending order of size, raven, chough, crow, rook, magpie and jackdaw. They are all essentially black with relatively powerful beaks. To … Continue reading

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The Wild Heart

Most people think the best time to go about learning bird song and calls is the spring. After all, it is in the spring that the parallel world of the birds most strongly impinges on our world, through the dawn … Continue reading

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Scandinavians Are High as Kites

 Today is a wet day. The autumn air is full of the kind of rain that defies accurate description, for it is neither rain nor drizzle, neither mist nor low cloud. It’s extremely wet, though! The suspended water droplets are … Continue reading

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Saddleworth: Diggle

Distance: about 2 miles Grade: mostly easy, but difficult in places This walk is a fairly straightforward affair, following the towpath of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal down the Diggle valley towards Uppermill. It begins at the car park near the … Continue reading

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This is How it Goes

The British Labour Party is under siege. Originally, at the time of its inception, it was a socialist party representing the membership of the trade unions, and therefore, essentially, working men. Its natural homelands were in the heavy industrial areas … Continue reading

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The Price of a Handkerchief

At the height of my hay fever, when the summer was still young and fresh, I grew tired of rubbing my delicate nose with various types of paper – paper tissues, toilet paper, kitchen paper, any kind of paper. When … Continue reading

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