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Stop Press

Oh, how everything just slips by, especially when you’re busy and not 100% committed to the social media thing. Holidays to Greece have come and gone; so have writing deadlines. Elisabeth’s birthday came and went, and was appropriately celebrated in … Continue reading

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I Haven’t Died

I am aware that I’ve not posted on this blog for months, and think that maybe I need to offer an explanation. It is always more difficult to motivate myself in the dark days of winter, but what motivation I … Continue reading

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It Was Ever Thus

Following the surprising and welcome news from that renowned climatologist, Donald Trump, that climate change is a hoax . . . news which is particularly welcome for those who live in the low-lying areas of Bangladesh . . . I … Continue reading

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Ah, Those Walls . . .

Today has been sunny and almost warm. It is a pleasure to be out; we take our time, we smile at everyone, even those who are in such a hurry they haven’t noticed that they share the planet with other … Continue reading

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 In my village, tonight, the first Saturday of February, it will be the festival of Imboc, one of the four major pagan festivals. The drummers in the car park, and the torches and the lanterns, will announce that the halfway … Continue reading

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The Grain of a New Year

Ice, when it comes, comes hard out of the blackness, and leaves snow on the top of Deer Hill. Now, with a clear, eggshell sky, we walk the way we always walk, but not with the same awareness. The sun … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Again

It is the end of the year, and I have made it in one piece, more or less.! When I was young, 2016 would have seemed an impossibly long way off. Yet here it is, all windy and rainy, and … Continue reading

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