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Xmas Gifts

Double Christmas   Christmas has come at last, with two fantastic presents. The first wonderful gift was the return of Ruby from hospital. She is not completely herself yet but getting better all the time. The second gift is the … Continue reading

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A Whole New Ball Game

I am sitting on a chrome bar stool in the kitchen. I am sitting near the breakfast bar, not at it, and I am not eating. I could just be looking, thoughtlessly, out of the window, where the sun is … Continue reading

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Saddleworth: Diggle

Distance: about 2 miles Grade: mostly easy, but difficult in places This walk is a fairly straightforward affair, following the towpath of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal down the Diggle valley towards Uppermill. It begins at the car park near the … Continue reading

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Further Proof (if proof be needed) of my Foolishness!

Here are the promised photos of my ill-fated expedition to Berry Greave last week, which has resulted in a lot of proprietorial tut-tutting from those people who don’t quite get this sport of extreme disability scootering. First, there was the … Continue reading

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Everything Comes to He Who Waits

It has happened, at last, and I feel very proud of myself. The cynics said I could never manage it. The professionals said it was time to accept a new base line. But, with the help of a neurophysiotherapist, my … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden

Silence can be heard in two ways. The first way is to hear it as an absence of sound. This seems so obvious to us that it is practically the default position in our complex visual culture. However, as someone … Continue reading

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The Terrible Two Go For a Space Walk

The existence of outer space presumes the existence of inner space, which is infinitely more complex. Outer space is that part of the universe we can foul up with rockets, satellites, and dropped spanners. It is our celestial scrapyard, and … Continue reading

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Stanislavsky in the Kitchen #2

Now I come to how I use the ideas of Stanislavsky as a disabled person/person who is ability challenged/person of lesser ability (sic!). Although his (primarily) American students have stressed the notion of emotional memory, Stanislavsky himself preferred to talk … Continue reading

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Stanislavsky in the Kitchen #1

In my previous existence, as a teacher of Acting Techniques and Directing in a College of Further Education, before illness finally sent the Jenga tower of my identity crashing to the floor, I passed on some techniques to student actors … Continue reading

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The Awfulness at Tunnel End

Electricity is a wondrous thing. Every night I connect the battery of my scooter to the holes in the wall, and, hey presto, the next day it moves silently ahead . . . or, indeed, backwards, if I want . … Continue reading

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