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Wapping Old Steps

Well, I’ve made it. I am now a State Enrolled Old Person. When I was in my twenties I never thought I would get to be this ancient, with a body and mind that are breaking down, and no longer … Continue reading

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The Waiting is Over!

The waiting is over . . . . for now. It is the waiting that is the worst bit. The wait for the appointment, the wait for the test results, the wait for the letter, the wait in the waiting … Continue reading

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Low-Level Anxiety

This time is all about waiting, and I am not as good at it as I thought I would be. I had my biopsy on my prostate two weeks ago, the consultant team met to discuss my results last Wednesday, … Continue reading

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A Meditation Upon Saint Lucie’s Day

The feast day of Saint Lucy was the 13 December, which was the shortest day of the year before the Julian calendar was adopted. The English metaphysical poet, John Donne, described it as the “year’s dark midnight”, and now the … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be?

Everybody will die. Sorry. Even I will die, which makes me even sorrier. We all lose the fight in the end, but some people are beaten by Life, and others are beaten by Death. And it seems you can’t choose … Continue reading

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Chewing on the Cud of Time

We are now approaching the dying twitches of the year. Towards the end of December, the tenth and last month of the old Julian calendar, Western cultures indulge in a savagely sensual festival of light and extravagance. Pagan Gods re-emerge … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

I have just been knocked sideways, by the news of the death of a friend. She was my Greek teacher and a remarkable person, with a ready laugh and one of those mischievous twinkles you can hear in some voices. … Continue reading

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