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Another Gem from the Barber’s

All dialogue spoken in expressionless Yorkshire.   Customer: “Just back from Budapest. Been there?” Barber: “No.” Pause. “ Bit different from Llandudno.” Silence.    

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The Meaning of a Rose

In two days’ time it will be my mother’s birthday. She was born in 1912, before the First World War, and she died in 2007, aged 95. Her mother was 100 when she died, so I think there are some … Continue reading

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The Ikea Maze and the Flatpack Monster

Some careful readers among you may have noticed that I have failed miserably in a project I set myself, and then foolishly advertised the fact to the world on this blog. You are probably – no, let that be possibly … Continue reading

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The Great Bustard

Salisbury Plain is a huge area (by English standards, you understand) of relatively flat and treeless upland. The prevailing westerly wind comes from the ancient flooded lands of the Somerset Levels, and up here, even in high summer, the wind … Continue reading

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It seems that advertisements have started to appear at the end of some of my posts. I thought this might happen, but hoped it wouldn’t. Before we go any further, I just want it known that these adverts are nothing … Continue reading

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New Photos

This picture of a line of black cattle was taken on Salisbury Plain last month. It also reveals, if you look carefully, a Great Bustard, which was extinct in Britain until very recently. These rather shabby beach huts were found … Continue reading

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Science and Beauty

 Everywhere I look I find beauty, whether in nature, in landscape forms, in the human form, in art or in music, but, as far as I am aware, there is no gene for beauty. While I can see that physical … Continue reading

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