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The Case Against Reality

Ever since I was a teenager in an English midlands city, I have been aware of the feeling that I was somehow missing something rather important about reality. Nothing else could explain why, unlike everyone else, I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Lower Green Owlers

Today, the fourth sunny day in a row (something of a record, I think!), Ruby and I set off on a real adventure . . . an expedition to Lower Green Owlers, a remote farm on the moors, about a … Continue reading

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The Moods of the River

The river is a constant presence, curling beside me . . . on my left on the way out, and on my right on my way home. It is born high up in the black peat bogs of the moor, … Continue reading

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Re-entry and Splashdown

Well . . . what do I write about, having just returned from a week’s retreat at Crosby Hall with the Liverpool Stonewater Zen Sangha? For that week the world changed quite utterly, both inside and outside my head. The … Continue reading

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In the Beginning was the Word

Some words are useful, like dog and tea, and some words are really nice, like hope and bonfire. Some words are pretty and frivolous, like petticoat and jubilee. I’m not talking about what the words actually mean. It’s the sound … Continue reading

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