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Living Life to the Full

The reactions of friends and acquaintances to the news of my diagnosis have been many and varied, but none of them have been unwelcome, even the ones that completely ignore the information and carry on exactly as before. This reaction … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be?

Everybody will die. Sorry. Even I will die, which makes me even sorrier. We all lose the fight in the end, but some people are beaten by Life, and others are beaten by Death. And it seems you can’t choose … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw the Towel in Just Yet!

I am going to state it. No frills, no metaphors, no use of the semi-colon. On Thursday, and again today, I went for a walk, to the woods, on my legs! Last night we had the first snow of the … Continue reading

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Things Are Looking Up . . . Perhaps

I am sitting at the keyboard, trying to listen in to my body, to see and fully experience what it is feeling. Good things are happening, and they need recording just as much as the back-ache, the sciatica and all … Continue reading

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The War Drags On

Today I got out of my wheelchair and walked a bit along the road outside the house, sat down, and then walked back. I couldn’t have done it on my own, and I needed my walker to support me. My … Continue reading

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When Pain Becomes Foreground

There is a point at which pain ceases to be a source of spiritual wisdom and perspective and starts to just become a pain. I am close to that tipping point at the moment. It’s easy to work out when … Continue reading

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Instant Ninety

One of the worst things about multiple sclerosis is that you effectively become an old person, almost overnight. The day before you are diagnosed you are a young person with a bit of an undefined problem; the day after diagnosis … Continue reading

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