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This is Your Captain

 We are now beginning our final approach to Christmas. The weather has changed, and everything is greyness and rain. The rain is half frozen, and cuts like a knife, driven by hard wind. It takes a long time to get … Continue reading

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The Invisible Woman

I am haunted. Every post is haunted by a spirit that rarely appears. My Muse, if you like. The ghostly presence manifests itself as a woman, slightly younger than me, with dark hair and a ready wit. She is my … Continue reading

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Ho Ho Ho!

 In the UK, as in many western countries, the contemporary orthodoxy is competition through privatisation. This is supposed to drive down prices and encourage efficiency and, eventually, cause the withering away of the State. Most things here are now operating … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw the Towel in Just Yet!

I am going to state it. No frills, no metaphors, no use of the semi-colon. On Thursday, and again today, I went for a walk, to the woods, on my legs! Last night we had the first snow of the … Continue reading

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Walking into Winter

I felt like King Lear on the blasted heath today, for the wind, that blows away the autumn and brings us the winter, is crashing down from off the moor, in a rush of tightly-packed isobars. Walking away from home … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

One of the pleasures of living in England is the way you can read the history of a landscape through its place names, most of which go back an awful long way. The earliest names on a map are usually … Continue reading

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The Winter Rolls In

This must be what they call a cold front. I set off this morning in sunshine, under a cloudless blue sky. That blue sky’s goodbye gesture is that bit of blue in the photo, top right. As was said in … Continue reading

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