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Another Piece of Yorkshire

This one was overheard at the Mechanics’ Institute Library.   “Laughing’s all right for them as likes it.”  

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A Yorkshire View of Celebrity

Overheard in the barber’s   Talking about a local man, whose son has become a nationally popular and celebrated poet, much seen and heard on national television and radio Man in chair: His son’s done all right for ‘imself. Barber: … Continue reading

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The World at my Feet

Look what I’ve found right outside our house! Yes, I know it’s only a drain cover, but I didn’t know it was there. Well, that’s not entirely true. I knew we had a drain cover, but not this beautiful thing! … Continue reading

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So . . . What?

So, Have you noticed the way this little word is creeping in everywhere? All answers to questions on the media are now prefaced by “So . . . “ It’s not even said slowly and thoughtfully now; it just comes … Continue reading

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After a salmon pink and pale blue sunrise there was cold grey sleet; after a rather feeble but nevertheless joyous and welcome rehearsal for the full-blown dawn chorus of spring, with the mistle thrush in particularly fine voice, there is … Continue reading

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It’s the People, Stupid

Greece and Europe  I want to write about Greece today, because it is so much in the news after the recent election that voted for a whole new approach to the prevailing orthodoxy of austerity. I have good and precious … Continue reading

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Oh No, Not Another List!

Following my recent post on heroes for the modern age, it has been pointed out that I need to give examples of the kind of heroes I might admire myself. This seems to require a list of some sort. The … Continue reading

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