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R.I.P. Ruby

Our dog, Ruby, aged 14 years, died at home on 31st January. She had chronic kidney disease and was not eating or drinking. She was unable to get up in her bed and was sleeping all the time. She died … Continue reading

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A Disinclination to Run Marathons

I’m aware that I’ve not updated the virtual world about the state of my health for some time. This is something that must be rectified today, now the guilty realisation has crept up on me. After all, if I don’t … Continue reading

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A New List

Being a man, I am an inveterate producer of lists. Here is what I constructed on my walk this morning in drizzly rain.   Things I am interested in: This list seems to get shorter as the years pass. Things … Continue reading

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The Terrible Two Go For a Space Walk

The existence of outer space presumes the existence of inner space, which is infinitely more complex. Outer space is that part of the universe we can foul up with rockets, satellites, and dropped spanners. It is our celestial scrapyard, and … Continue reading

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The Awfulness at Tunnel End

Electricity is a wondrous thing. Every night I connect the battery of my scooter to the holes in the wall, and, hey presto, the next day it moves silently ahead . . . or, indeed, backwards, if I want . … Continue reading

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Don’t Throw the Towel in Just Yet!

I am going to state it. No frills, no metaphors, no use of the semi-colon. On Thursday, and again today, I went for a walk, to the woods, on my legs! Last night we had the first snow of the … Continue reading

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The Two Have a Sudden Adventure

The day was crisp, like an apple. It was one of those October days that starts in a chilly grey, flat light, but then breaks up into a changing world of broken cloud and bits of blue sky. Not just … Continue reading

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