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Another List

10 Seminal Books Here is another, controversial list. This one is a list of ten books that have changed me in some way – change my mind or change the way I see or think about things. They are not … Continue reading

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A Blind Man in the Land of Zen in Colour

Here are the original colour photographs that were published in black and white in my book A Blind Man in the Land of ZenI.                        

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William Byrd

It is amazing that, after two years writing this blog, I have not touched on the thing that gives me the greatest pleasure and takes up a lot of my time . . . music. But I am going to … Continue reading

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Cage and Silence

I’m wondering where I find my silence. I cheerfully admit to being totally addicted to it, and I go to some trouble to search it out. Probably because I don’t see too well, silence fascinates me. It is an elusive … Continue reading

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Stanislavsky in the Kitchen #1

In my previous existence, as a teacher of Acting Techniques and Directing in a College of Further Education, before illness finally sent the Jenga tower of my identity crashing to the floor, I passed on some techniques to student actors … Continue reading

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Portraits and Selfies

Under my bed there is a box. It is full of black and white and sepia photographs. It is my family pictorial archive. I don’t look in it often, but, when I do, I turn them over in my hands … Continue reading

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Eat Your Heart Out, David Bailey

“Don’t be silly. Blind people can’t take photographs.” This is the voice of the Evil One, who sits on my shoulder all the time. The left one, to be precise. Even if you’re in complete darkness, you can point a … Continue reading

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