The Static Rambler

The Static Rambler was the name of a website I set up as a database of accessible walks for wheelchair users. Originally I dreamed that it could become a national guide of accessible walks, of various grades of difficulty, for those users who wished to go out into the countryside without being dependent on organised groups.

These pages represent the shattered remains of that dream of world domination!

It was always in danger of becoming “Walks I Have Done Round Marsden”, and so I’ve let it be just that – my walks on my electric Class 2 scooter.

Anyone might find the walks themselves pleasant, though, so they will still appear, from time to time.


These entries are records of walks I have done in my wheelchair or on my Class 2 electric mobility scooter. They are therefore, in the broadest sense, wheelchair accessible. They are arranged in areas on sub-pages of this one. If you hold your mouse over this page on the menu bar, you will see these extra pages.


Walks can be accessed by entering the name of a relevant place, feature or farm into the Search box on the right side of any page.