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Heaven or Hell?

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” John Milton   A reader of this blog wrote to me recently, to express her feeling that my description of a … Continue reading

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What Is This?

I’ve just got back from my six-monthly, week long, Zen Buddhist retreat at Crosby Hall, in west Lancashire. As always with the autumn retreat, I have come home with a cold. Forty people sitting together for eight hours a day … Continue reading

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The Case Against Reality

Ever since I was a teenager in an English midlands city, I have been aware of the feeling that I was somehow missing something rather important about reality. Nothing else could explain why, unlike everyone else, I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Snow and Silence

I woke this morning to a blanket of soft snow. As ever, the magical transformation of the landscape is total and surprising. It has snowed most winters I have been on this planet. You would think I’d be used to … Continue reading

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Meditation and Silence

If it is correct, that real silence does not exist, where am I going to find it? And why do I want to find it, anyway? After all, it seems that most people in this mad, mad world are actively … Continue reading

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Cage and Silence

I’m wondering where I find my silence. I cheerfully admit to being totally addicted to it, and I go to some trouble to search it out. Probably because I don’t see too well, silence fascinates me. It is an elusive … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden

Silence can be heard in two ways. The first way is to hear it as an absence of sound. This seems so obvious to us that it is practically the default position in our complex visual culture. However, as someone … Continue reading

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