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It Was Ever Thus

Following the surprising and welcome news from that renowned climatologist, Donald Trump, that climate change is a hoax . . . news which is particularly welcome for those who live in the low-lying areas of Bangladesh . . . I … Continue reading

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Hay Fever

This summer, for the first time in my life, I have had hay fever. Suffered from it, indeed. In true man fashion, I have soldiered on, feebly brushing away the antihistamines, before falling back into the cushions and covering my … Continue reading

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The Case Against Reality

Ever since I was a teenager in an English midlands city, I have been aware of the feeling that I was somehow missing something rather important about reality. Nothing else could explain why, unlike everyone else, I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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March is a strange month up here in the Pennines. It’s officially Spring, but it doesn’t feel like it, except on a few glorious days of crystal-clear sunshine. We are at least a month behind the favoured south, where already … Continue reading

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Poor Design Award 2015

Whoever, or whatever, designed us must have been working on a Friday, because his, hers or its mind was obviously on the weekend. I’ve rather lost faith in God, or Evolution. To quote the lyrics of Spirit, “O, O something … Continue reading

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Was Hal Murdered?

Yesterday I was listening to a conversation between the two young superstars of British science, Brian Cox, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Manchester University, and Alice Roberts, Professor of Engagement with Science at Birmingham University. Brian Cox is also a … Continue reading

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Dawkins and Downs

One of the blogs I follow, “The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy”,is very much concerned with the day-to-day life, problems and beauties of bringing up a boy with Downs Syndrome. One of the issues at the moment is … Continue reading

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