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I Haven’t Died

I am aware that I’ve not posted on this blog for months, and think that maybe I need to offer an explanation. It is always more difficult to motivate myself in the dark days of winter, but what motivation I … Continue reading

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Scandinavians Are High as Kites

 Today is a wet day. The autumn air is full of the kind of rain that defies accurate description, for it is neither rain nor drizzle, neither mist nor low cloud. It’s extremely wet, though! The suspended water droplets are … Continue reading

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Death and Transfiguration

Death and Transfiguration   When a man, or a woman, gets to a certain age, a lot of brain-time is spent on the questions, “What, exactly, is the point?” and “What, exactly, are you trying to achieve here?” For example, … Continue reading

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The Contented Cow

The strange, and possibly interesting, thing about the glorious late spring weather we are having of late is that I seem to stop writing. My days are so taken up by being gaspingly happy that I just don’t have the … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Matter

This morning, everywhere is full of rain again. Unsurprisingly, I am procrastinating about taking Ruby for a walk. It’s that kind of rain. Guilt-rain. We have had some lovely days, as well, when I would get back from my walk … Continue reading

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Fresh Bread and Coffee

During my walk with Ruby this morning, I was turning over thoughts for my next post on Life on the Edge of a Soup Plate. This is fairly standard procedure, and possibly explains why so much of this blog is … Continue reading

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Wisdom #1

As you may imagine, Christmas time is not really a time for regular posting or writing. In a festive time it is way down the list of Jobs-to-Do. Way behind things like Put on weight, Avoid hangovers, and Learn to … Continue reading

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