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Best Books of 2018

These are the best books I read in 2018. Some were published earlier than this, but were read by me in this year. Because I am blind they were all read to me, either by a friend or on audiobook, … Continue reading

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The Cards Have Been Shuffled

As you may know, I have elected to undergo a radical prostatectomy operation for my cancer. It’s wasn’t easy, but I came to terms with the decision and all seemed settled. However, the Dealer who gave me my hand of … Continue reading

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A Whole New Ball Game

I am sitting on a chrome bar stool in the kitchen. I am sitting near the breakfast bar, not at it, and I am not eating. I could just be looking, thoughtlessly, out of the window, where the sun is … Continue reading

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The Price of a Handkerchief

At the height of my hay fever, when the summer was still young and fresh, I grew tired of rubbing my delicate nose with various types of paper – paper tissues, toilet paper, kitchen paper, any kind of paper. When … Continue reading

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The Ancient Greeks apparently had no word for blue. Homer didn’t use it, nor the great dramatists of Classical Athens. This is really strange, when you think about it. In Greece, today as then, the dominant colour is blue. First, … Continue reading

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Birds of Time and Place

Some bird songs and calls are so evocative of particular seasons and places for me. This has been my route into learning to recognize their songs. My inner city childhood was played out with a soundtrack of chirruping sparrows, and, … Continue reading

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