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Zoo Time

When I was a child . . . about 10 years old . . . I wanted to grow up to be a zoo keeper. Not a famous naturalist, you understand, or the director of an internationally-acclaimed zoo, but a … Continue reading

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A Job Well Done

If I were a grandfather I would like to be a proper, old-fashioned grandfather, but without the arthritis or dental decay. Or the whisky addiction. I should like to smoke a pipe, very slowly and thoughtfully, so that when my … Continue reading

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Dogs and Gods

 I had a whimsical thought this morning, which is pretty amazing for a man lying on floorboards with back pain. It wasn’t the thought that was amazing; it was the fact that my brain could find enough space to process … Continue reading

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The Woods in March

Last night savage gales tore down the valley, throwing black rain against the windows. Up here, in the Yorkshire Pennines, the spring comes late and tentatively. It is no surprise, this coyness. It happens every year. I have written before, … Continue reading

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Learning Birdsong

The weather here has turned wintry again. It’s never a smooth gradient through spring to summer. Documentaries about the Arctic, for example, always show the spring thaw as though it is one long process; one day it is frozen solid, … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

Well, here it is, at last – the first snow of the year. We woke to a new world, changed utterly. Suddenly, the dark morning was made light and eerie. Ruby, the dog, scampered out into the garden and barked … Continue reading

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Eddie and Jasmina – Red Pandas in Gender Mix-up

These are Eddie and Jasmina, two red pandas who live at Bristol Zoo, and who we went to see this weekend. My wife has always loved animals of all descriptions, and occasionally we go to places where she can spend … Continue reading

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