It’s interesting to observe that now I’ve received the official technical description of my tumour, I appear to have been reluctant to share it here. So I’m now going to take the plunge and fight the evil monster by exposing it to the oxygen of blog readers

Ten days ago I had my scan to establish the base line by which we can judge the growth or non-growth of the tumour, and thus make rational decisions about treatment options. The result of the scan is that my tumour is T2C. T1 and T2 are tumours that are still in only the prostate gland. T3 is when the cells have decided to go sightseeing to see if I have another desirable property in which they could live and have more babies, like my lymph system or my bones or my liver.

Mine is T2, so it is still happy staying at home. T2 cancers have three stages, A B and C. C is the biggest. The next stage is T3, so my tumour is on the cusp. It is just thinking about looking in the windows of estate agents. I feel a bit unsafe now, and am waiting for appointments in Bradford to see a surgeon and a radiologist, to see what delights they can offer. At the moment, I’ve ruled nothing out and nothing in.

As you can imagine, my two new books are not at the front of my mind. They’re both still going ahead, and I’ll let you know when they’re available in Amazon.



About stevehobsonauthor

I am blind, and I hate it. It stinks. But life is still sweet. I have multiple sclerosis, and that stinks too, but life is still sweet. These are my musings.
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2 Responses to T2C

  1. Steve – I tentatively say I’m glad the news is good. But more comfortably say I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Somehow I’ve managed to miss the fact you’re writing books, so now that I know it’s probably about time I read one.

    Best wishes.


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