It Was Ever Thus

Following the surprising and welcome news from that renowned climatologist, Donald Trump, that climate change is a hoax . . . news which is particularly welcome for those who live in the low-lying areas of Bangladesh . . . I thought perhaps I should re-examine other hoaxes that have been foisted on us.

Once you open your otherwise closed mind to the possibilities, the world becomes a different, and very much simpler, place. It is, for example, both obvious and reassuring to know that the world is flattish, and that the sun is moving around us. It will then not take you long to see that women and blacks are inferior, and that no problems come from the building of walls.

This latter point becomes crystal clear when you think of, for example, Troy, or Jerusalem, or Berlin!

Today, I have been pondering the hoax that is history and progress. The conventional view of historical time is of steady progress, whether it is a steady slope of improvement, or whether it is a two-steps forward-one-step-back progression as described by Hegel.

However, it’s possible to see it very differently.

Have you noticed that old people always tell you how much better everything was in the past? I say it myself, now I am as old as I am! So do all my friends!

It is dismissed and marginalised as being grumpy.

Interestingly, my father was the same. Everyone’s father was the same, going right back to Adam, who had no father to tell him how rubbish Eden was.

But what if it has always been true, and the old folk have been silenced by the next generation, because life would be unbearable if it was truly recognised to be as it is, an infinite process of entropy. Entropy is recognised by physicists as a universal law of disintegration, but no-one seems to question why we think it somehow only applies to the rest of the cosmos and not to human development.

Maybe the elders have always been right. After all, even after comprehensive indoctrination we can all see that the Garden of Eden was better than, for example, Stoke on Trent or modern Syria. (If you need any more examples, ask any old person.)

And it’s no good falling back on evolution, which is widely misunderstood to mean improvement. Evolution has no plan. All Evolution is doing is passing on its DNA. It has nothing to do with you. And nothing to do with quality of life. One of its most successful experiments is the chicken, which, as a whole species, has co-opted us into increasing its numbers. The quality of a chicken’s life is irrelevant to Evolution.

As is human quality of life. Just so long as we keep breeding.

This is why young people have to be brainwashed into thinking things are getting better, so they keep breeding. But when an individual gets past active breeding age, they can see it is all a hoax, a practical joke. It is then, and only then, that Evolution can allow them to see the truth. That things get worse, not better.

It was ever thus.





About stevehobsonauthor

I am blind, and I hate it. It stinks. But life is still sweet. I have multiple sclerosis, and that stinks too, but life is still sweet. These are my musings.
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6 Responses to It Was Ever Thus

  1. pedalboats says:

    Hi Steve, will you forgive me for being a tiny little bit picky? Just a weeny bit? The Garden of Eden, which is, I believe, fictional, should not, really, be compared with actual places (Stoke on Trent) should it? Forgive me, maybe you think the Garden was fact. And, er, just a hunch, but (“so they keep breeding”) I remember being a teenager and the urge to ‘mate’ was not inspired by a belief that the world was improving year-on-year. It was a bit more basic than that.
    HISTORY. Now, there you have it. My Dad (who only exists, now, in History) liked to tell me that it was only someone’s opinion. Old people, or even middle aged people for that matter, have lived through History and begin to realise that what is being reported, or maybe even taught to youngsters as fact is not what they remember. That it has been altered by the writer of history to fit his or her belief system. Quite the philosopher, my old Dad. And he tried to pass on to his kids a slightly more considered* view of things than maybe the average schoolteacher. *searching for the right word here


    • Hello Heather, no, I donb’t really think Eden was real. I used it as a metaphor to stand for an imagined golden age in the past, because if things are getting worse then, by definition, they must have been better in the past. I’m only idly wondering . . .


      • pedalboats says:

        ” I don’t really think Eden was real” oh good. heh heh, perhaps you should put margin notes for the literal-minded (ie. me) saying, er- metaphor.


  2. pedalboats says:

    this is your literal-minded reader here. Happy winter thingy. What, no blogs?


    • Hello again. Good to hear from you. Very few people seem to be reading my blog, so I’m a bit disheartened. I refuse to write about cookery or cats, just for readers. But I appreciate your contact, so please keep commenting. Steve


  3. pedalboats says:

    “The quality of a chicken’s life is irrelevant to Evolution.”
    well, there’s philosophy and there’s eggs n chickens and then there’s ducks
    I’ve just posted a blog on my Ducks but don’t know how to send you a link to it, such is my lack of IT skills.
    title is One Duck Owner, Depressed


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